The Piha Bowling Club

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The Piha Bowling Club is open from Wednesday though to Sunday, only a 1 minute walk from the campground Great food and beverages in a relaxing atmosphere. 

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“Fresh As Fish & Chips”

“Fresh As” 100gr piece of Fish of the day, in a Crispy Batter with steak cut fries.

Regular-1 piece $12.50

Large-2 pieces $22.50 Includes Salad And fries

Sea-Feast $19.50

Fresh Battered Fish, Squid Rings, Prawn Twisters, and steak cut fries

Fresh Crunchy Salad Bar Selection $8.00

Kids Meals $6.00

Fish, Baby Beef Burger, Hotdog, Chicken Nuggets x3, All served with Chips.

Kids Meals $10.00

Nanna Mc Fifi’s Macaroni Cheese

Nachos, Beef or Vegan


Bowler Burger  Includes Fries


Welcome to the home of the Nude Burger!

We serve your topping on a naked bread bun with a scoop of steak cut fries, you then choose whatever you want in it and on it- Lettuce, Beetroot, Tomato, Pickles, Onion, cheese, slaw, mayo, sauces, chutney etc.

Homemade ¼ lb Beef

Fish- Crispy Battered Fish of the day

Free Range Chicken

Magic Mince Mushroom and Hemp

Burger, V, V, V, Vegan as baby.

Mexican Sweetcorn & Ginger, also

 V, V, V, Vegan as.

               Daily Dishes

Oven-Baked Fillet 200gr of Fresh

 Bluff Salmon (DF GF) $25.00

Slow roasted thyme lamb (DF GF) $25.00

Mushroom and Tarragon Risotto


Chilli Prawns, parmesan & lime fettucine

Fillet Steak Thick Cut with Bacon And Mushroom Cream Sause (GF) $30.00

Greek Salad (VG) $17.50

Salad and Vegetable Selection $16.50

All daily specials come with fresh veggies and/or salad & Potatoes, please let us know if you would prefer fries.


Changes Daily